Patrick Wilson Reveals That He Is Returning For 'Aquaman 2'; Wants Vera Farmiga To Join Him
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Moviegoers haven’t seen the last of Patrick Wilson’s Ocean Master.  The actor recently revealed that he is in steady conversations with ‘Aquaman’ director James Wan about his role in the upcoming sequel.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Wilson teased:

“I’m slightly briefed [on Orm-related matters].  Of course, I want to know everything, but I also have a great respect for him and the process to know that I’m OK staying out of it until it’s late in the game. Sometimes, there’s so much information that I don’t ask because I don’t want to know, and I don’t want him to go, “I can’t tell you that yet.” I just throw a little dart here and there. I’ll say, “So, what about this?” and he’ll say, “Well, this is what I’m thinking.” But, we talk a lot… I can tell you that even his concepts for Aquaman 2 are pushing it even further. Whatever that means. I have a few ideas of where Orm fits in, but I’m not gonna talk about them.”

He then joked about getting his ‘Conjuring’ co-star Vera Farmiga to play Mera (Amber Heard)’s sister in the sequel.  Vera/Mera, get it?

“Right!? I pitch her all the time. I remember seeing Cate Blanchett in Thor and feeling, “Man, I would love a female villain …” I think Vera would be great in any role, really. She’d probably be like, “C’mon, get out of here, you guys.” (Laughs.)”

Technically, Mera does have a sister who is a supervillain, Siren, so you never know.


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Wilson’s Ocean Master may return in the sequel, but it is widely believed that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II‘s Black Manta will actually be elevated as the next movie.

Patrick Wilson can currently be seen in the surprise hit, Roland Emmerich’s ‘Midway’.  He will be seen next year in ‘The Conjuring 3’.

Speaking of surprise hits, ‘Aquaman’ was the highest-grossing DC Comics-based movie ever, although ‘Joker’ is quickly creeping up behind it.  The sequel is expected to begin filming in 2020, with a release date of December 16, 2022, already set.  David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote the first movie, is handling the screenplay for the sequel.