Patrick Wilson Shares His Favorite Comic Movie Opening

With ‘Aquaman‘ about to surface in your local theater, the stars have been making the rounds on the press tour and Patrick Wilson (‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ‘,’The Conjuring’) has shared a few fun facts about the various comic-themed films which he’s been a part of. Specifically, he was able to share what his favorite intro to a film that he’s starred in so far and on top of that believes that ‘Aquaman’ could be even better!

The praise Wilson has is for a Zack Snyder film, but it isn’t one of the director’s more recent outings. In fact, it was Wilson’s time as the superhero Nite Owl:

“They [Wan & Snyder] have a lot of similarity in that, visually, they want to create such a different tone. The opening credits alone of Watchmen will go down in history as one of the best opening credits in film.”

Director James Wan has for years been known to surpass expectations so to see what he can do with a superhero movie has fans excited. And now that we’ve seen the trailers, that excitement has only gone up!

You can next see Patrick Wilson on the big screen in ‘Aquaman’ when it swims into your local theaters on December 21st, 2018!

Source: Heroic Hollywood