X-Men Giant-Size #1 kicks  off the story: ‘First to Last”.  This story will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about the original X-Men! Something happened to Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel, Iceman and Professor X years ago, a secret so horrible that it has been locked away in the dark corner of Cyclops’ mind until today. As a new crisis strikes at the future of Homo-Superior witness the astonishing debut of the Evolutionaries.

As ‘X-Men: First Class’ gets closer and closer to it’s theatrical release, Marvel is smart to revisit the Original X-Men and throw in a new and interesting twist. That twist comes in the form of the Evolutionaries. The Evolutionaries are apparently a mysterious group tasked with protecting the next stages of human evolution when threatened with extinction.

I haven’t read a lot of X-Men in the past few years, but when I saw this story arc was about to start I wanted to jump right in. Christopher Yost spins an interesting yarn, and the alternating art teams (Paco Median, Juan Vlasco & Marte Garcia (now) and Dalabor Talajic and Will Quintana (then) for the past and present sets the right tone for both time periods.

The Evolutionaries had some forgotten encounter with the X-Men when they were first formed, and now they have returned to insure mutant-kind’s survival. I can’t wait to see just what Cyclops lied to the Evolutionaries about, and what the repercussions will be for the leader of the mutants.

The issue is filled with action, humor and more than a little intrigue. So make sure you check out this giant-sized issue to find out just what dark secret the Evolutionaries are keeping from the X-Men, and the world.