Frank Miller Is Returning To Sin City For A New Series

When ‘Sin City’ launched in 2005, we were introduced to a dark comic adaptation whose stylistic approach gripped fans, and now it looks to be making a return. Legendary TV has signed a deal with comic creator Frank Miller to adapt the story into a new series with director Robert Rodriguez is in talks to return as well! Also returning from the cinematic take of the franchise is Stephen L’Heureux, who produced the 2014 release of ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ as well as Silenn Thomas, who runs Miller’s production company.

The deal guarantees a live-action first season for a series as long as a network or streaming platform picks it up. Not only that, but the deal also is placing an order “for a hard-R animated series for a Sin City prequel” which would dra3w on Miller’s graphic novels as inspiration.

When the first film was released, Rodriguez put Miller’s name in as a co-director and went so far as to leave the DGA when they disagreed as to Miller’s contribution as having been worthy of a director’s credit. The Cannes didn’t seem to agree as it awarded the film a Palme d’Or nomination.


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‘Sin City’ was released as two solid feature films and is based on a 13-part serial, which was released in ‘Dark Horse Presents’ issues #51-62 before later being collected as a graphic novel.

No word as of yet as to if this series would re-tell the stories told in the films, continue on from them, or tell original stories set in ‘Sin City.’ Here’s hoping that the pair can attract the same kind of talent which made the films work so well.

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Source: Deadline