Deadpool And 'The Family Guy' Will Go To Hulu, Not Disney+

Following the announcement of Disney+, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, which suddenly made Disney the 2/3rds ower of Hulu.  Comcast then opted to sell its 1/3rd to Disney, which now had controlling interest, making Disney the sole-owner of another streaming service.  (Comcast is instead offering up the NBC-based Peacock service.)  But it’s working out well, as Disney+ was always intended to be appropriate for all ages, and there is a lot of material in the Fox library that doesn’t qualify, including the Marvel-based ‘Deadpool’ movies.

And while Disney has been heavily promoting the fact that Disney+ will be the only streaming service where viewers can find ‘The Simpsons’, another animated Fox hit, ‘The Family Guy’ is just a little too raunchy.  Both ‘Deadpool’ and ‘The Family Guy’ will be available on Hulu and not Disney+.  During a recent profile by Bloomberg Businessweek, Disney CEO Bob Iger scrolled through some of Disney+’s options, muttering, “There are 30 seasons of ‘The Simpsons’ there.”


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The ‘Deadpool’ movies are rated a gleeful, hard R.  There is really no way to edit them down to all-ages.  An attempt to edit ‘Deadpool 2’ down, ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ proved unpopular, but that could easily be because the unedited version had already been released.  This has cast some doubt as to ‘Deadpool’s fate now that Disney owns Fox.  There is some talk that ‘Deadpool’ will remain under Fox and continue with business as usual, even though Disney will relaunch the rest of the ‘X-Men’ movie franchise from scratch under Marvel Studios.

Though it wasn’t specified, it’s likely that Hulu will also be the home to the R-rated ‘Logan’.  Disney hasn’t announced when or if the other ‘X-Men’ movies will be released on Disney+, but they are all rated PG-13, so they should fit Disney’s family-friendly tone.

It should also be noted that Disney+ and Hulu can be subscribed to in a bundle with ESPN+ for $12.99 a month.

Do you currently subscribe to Hulu?  Will you be adding Disney+?