'Charmed' Adds Poppy Drayton As A Series Regular For Season 2
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SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up on ‘Charmed’, this article contains spoilers for the most recent episode, “Careful What You Witch For,” proceed with caution or turn back now.

On Friday night, viewers of ‘Charmed’ were introduced to a new character, Abigael, portrayed by ‘The Shannara Chronicles‘ star Poppy Drayton.  If you liked what you saw, you should be pleased to learn that Drayton is joining The CW’s sophomore series as a cast regular, meaning that she will play a major part in the rest of this season.  Abigael was discovered by Macy when she wasn’t in the best of shape.  Macy helps her, but in the end, it turns out Abigael is not a friend.  She also knows more than she originally revealed, as she is aware of Dark Harry’s machinations.

Abigael appears to have telekinesis like Macy, but some fans have already speculated that she may actually have the power to replicate the abilities of those around her.

Fans may best recognize Drayton for portraying Amberle Elessedil on the final season of ‘The Shannara Chronicles’.  She also starred in the non-Disney ‘Little Mermaid’ flick that came out last year.

Expect to learn more about Abigael in next week’s episode, “Deconstructing Harry”:

FRIEND OR FOE — Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Mel (Melonie Diaz) join forces with Abigael (Poppy Drayton) to track down the Assassin; Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) starts her new gig and has a breakthrough when she reaches out to help Jordan (Jordan Donica). Harry (Rupert Evans) discovers a horrifying secret.

The second season of ‘Charmed’ has taken a major departure from the first, with a greater focus on action, versus the family bond between the sisters.  So far, the new episodes have received greater ratings than the final few of the first, and that’s after moving to the wasteland of Friday nights.  But The CW places a greater emphasis on “+7” viewing, meaning those that don’t watch the show live, but rather watch afterward via DVR or streaming on The CW app and other sources.

Are you enjoying Season 2 of ‘Charmed’?  How does it compare to Season 1?


Source: TV Line