The Marvel Studios SDCC panel was perhaps the most jam-packed of any presentation this weekend.  While it was already known that a ‘Hawkeye’ series was on its way to Disney+, it was reportedly going to introduce the MCU version of Kate Bishop, the young woman that operates as the new Hawkeye, under the mentorship of Clint Barton.  As part of the presentation, an animated clip (the show’s opening credits?) was shown confirming Bishop’s presence in the form of a curvy silhouette, which elicited screams from the audience.

None other than Clint Barton himself, Jeremy Renner, was in attendance, filmed the video and posted it on Twitter:

Following ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Hawkeye and Thor are basically the last two original Avengers still kicking.  But Renner, age 48, has stated that he doesn’t want to still be running around in spandex in his 50s, so much like Clint Barton, he’ll be passing the bow and quiver over to his new protégée.

Renner hinted that the show will also delve into the five years he spent as Ronin, something that was only teased in ‘Endgame’.  He also stated:

“What I get to do is shepherd a new character to be ultimately a better version of me.  I get to teach someone else how to be a superhero without superpowers–which is an amazing thing because that means everyone can be a dang superhero, right?”

It appears that the series will draw heavily from Matt Fraction’s acclaimed solo ‘Hawkeye’ comic series, which featured stylized art by David Aja.  In that series, Clint mentored Kate, while he himself went by “Hawkguy.”

‘Hawkeye’ is expected to arrive on Disney+ in the fall of 2021.  There is no word yet on casting (beyond Renner), creators or when the show might begin production, but check back for updates as they arrive.


Source: Bleeding Cool