It’s the moment Trekkers around the world have been waiting for! The first official clip from the ‘Star Trek’ sequel, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.

J.J. Abrams was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, ‘Conan,’ last night and brought with him a clip from his super-secret sequel. Abrams does say that he is still editing the film but since he and Conan were friends, he wanted to bring something special for the show.

Of course Paramount wasn’t too happy when they heard about Abrams’ plans, so they limited the length of what he could show… to only 3 frames. “It’s got to be really short,” Abrams said to Conan, “It can’t be longer than three frames,” he claimed his bosses told him.

Oh, but what glorious 3 frames they are!

Abrams did set the clip up saying, “This is a scene where Spock, for reasons that you’ll have to see the film to understand, is in a volcano in this crazy suit. And he’s in this volcano, and this is the scene” (By the way, this looks like the same sequence that leaked online a few months ago during filming of Zachary Quinto in a metallic suit!)

The clip turns up at the 1:51 minute mark so make sure you don’t blink, but just in case you do, there’s a screenshot from the “clip” after the video.

While it’s all in good fun, I must admit, I’m pretty hungry to see anything from ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and will take any crumbs Abrams wants to throw out. With that said, here’s the clip of Abrams on ‘Conan’ introducing the 3 frames:

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ – Conan clip:

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ will open in theaters on May 17.