‘Supergirl’ just returned from hiatus, but the Season Two finale is approaching faster than a speeding bullet.  We know that Tyler Hoechlin is returning as Kara’s cousin Superman/Clark Kent.  But we’re not sure where things are going with Mon-El, Kara’s new boyfriend and his sinister parents Rhea and Lar-Gand.  What about President Olivia Marsdin, who we know is secretly an alien?  Does she have an ulterior motive?

As if Kara doesn’t have enough to deal with, another major villain is swooping into her life– General Zod.

Zod is one of Superman’s most iconic villains.  He was portrayed by Terence Stamp in the classic ‘Superman II’ and Michael Shannon in ‘Man of Steel’.  Now Mark Gibbon will tackle the role on ‘Supergirl’.

Some new photos have leaked on Twitter from the filming of the Season Two finale, including the first looks at Mark Gibbon as Zod.

Here are some behind the scenes images of Tyler Hoechlin, who is not really indestructible so he needs a raincoat if the weather doesn’t participate.

And here is a brief video of Gibbon’s Zod asking “You actually care for these Earth people?!” before looking aside.  Presumably, some heat vision will be added in post-production.

Zod was sentenced to imprisonment in the Phantom Zone by the science counsel of Krypton (at least in the comics) and swore vengeance on the El family which includes both Kara Zor-El and Kal-El, a.k.a. Superman.  The depiction of Zod in ‘Man of Steel’ was controversial, but I think it’s safe to say that Supergirl won’t be snapping this version’s neck.

Are you intrigued to see how ‘Supergirl’ will handle Zod?  What other storylines would you like to see wrapped up in the finale?

Source: Screen Rant