Carnage Is Getting Company, As Venom 2 Reportedly Includes Shriek

Woody Harrelson‘s Carnage will have company in ‘Venom 2’, as it has been reported by inside sources (via Deadline) that the Marvel villain Shriek is also in the script to the sequel.  Introduced in 1993’s ‘Spider-Man Unlimited ‘Vol. 1 #1, Shriek (real name: Frances Louise Barrison) is a mutant with sonic powers who is typically depicted as Carnage’s lover.  (Obviously, she’ll be given a different origin, as Disney now has the rights to “mutants” on lock.)

One source revealed:

“Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses.  [The filmmakers are] looking mostly at unknowns right now.”

Frances Barrison (who previously used the alias Sandra Deel) was a drug dealer, whose powers surfaced after an encounter with Cloak & Dagger.  She has a “mother complex” due to suffering emotional abuse from her own matriarch.  After she allies herself with Carnage– who is shown to not truly care about Shriek despite her devotion to him– they adopt other symbiote villains as their “children.”


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She can fire sonic energy blasts, fly, and can manipulate the emotions of others, drawing out their violent tendencies.


Harrelson made an uncredited cameo in ‘Venom’ as inmate Cletus Kasaday, setting up his return in the sequel as the main antagonist.

The first ‘Venom’ came out last year and was a surprise global hit, earning $856 million at the box office.  Ruben Fleischer directed, with Tom Hardy in the lead as edgy journalist Eddie Brock who becomes bonded with the alien Venom symbiote.  Michelle Williams appeared as his ex-girlfriend, attorney Anne Weying, with Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake, who becomes the villain Riot.


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Hardy and Williams are returning for the sequel, with Williams likely to take on a larger role as She-Venom, a transformation that occurred briefly in the first movie.  Fleischer, who reportedly clashed with Hardy on the set, is not coming back.  Motion-capture expert Andy Serkis is helming instead.

With the recent upheaval between Sony and Disney, it is possible that Tom Hardy‘s Spider-Man MIGHT be in ‘Venom 2’, something that Sony has been hoping to make happen from the start.

‘Venom 2’ is already scheduled to open on October 2, 2020.  The film is expected to begin filming early next year.