'Batwoman' Showrunner And Actor Who Plays Alice Weigh In On The Pilot's Twist

Fans of ‘Batwoman’ have been chomping at the bit about who Alice actually was, which the pilot episode of The CW’s new “Arrowverse” series confirmed. Now, ‘Batwoman’ showrunner Caroline Dries as well as Alice actress Rachel Skarsten are weighing in on something that those who don’t read the comics probably had no idea was coming.

Obviously, we’re talking some major spoilers from the first episode, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet this is your chance to turn back now!


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The very end of the premiere episode showed Ruby Rose‘s Kate Kane realize something that was hinted at in the episode. Alice wasn’t just the leader of the Wonderland gang, but in all actuality was her twin sister Beth who everyone thought was dead. The drama level was rising out of control when you learn that the true idea behind the season will be a twister sister dynamic.

According to Skarsten:

“Alice’s main objective is to be reunited with her sister, and it’s a very twisted idea of what that reunion looks like. Ultimately, they’re twins, and she really loves Kate. I think it also provides a very interesting basis for them being foes because obviously, they’re twins, so they’re intellectually equal, they’re physically equal, and they can’t kill one another because they’re sisters.”

This can still play out as Alice being a bit of The CW’s take on Joker and being the yin to Katy’s yang. They’ll also be exploring more of how she became Alice in flashbacks and that “It’s been really satisfying for me, even, to really get to know what made her Alice. There’s a very specific sequence of events that’s happened over the last 13 odd years that has made her into who she is today.”

Thankfully, Dries realized that the relationship between Kate and her sister is something that would be not only core to the first season but not a fact that could be kept secret for too long with how many comic fans would be tuning in. The showrunner wanted to address this immediately:

“It was important to get to that in the pilot for two reasons. One is because the people who are fans of the comics know that. They know it very well, and I just didn’t want it to seem like we were hiding something from the audience for too long that they eventually figured out too soon.

“Also, I wanted to let the audience know by the very end of the pilot [that], ‘Hey, this is actually what the show is going to be about: These two sisters.”

I’m sure anyone who has read the source material that a television show or film has been based on can enjoy having a few twists thrown their way. Dries went on to share that Alice’s origin would be different because:

“It’s incredibly dark, and it will help answer the question of why she’s taken on Alice from Alice in Wonderland as her persona, and why she’s so detached from reality. I’ve completely done my own spin on Alice. The comics never really talk about what happened to her [after the accident], why she became this way, and that to me is the important thing to know about her, and that’s what Kate wants to know.”

A new take on Alice that will still be familiar to fans of ‘Batwoman’ in the comics should be fun to see play out on The CW.

Did you expect that Alice was going to be Batwoman’s sister before the big reveal was announced? Were you one of the fans who saw it coming from the trailers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Entertainment Weekly