On a few different occasions in comic book history, the Avengers went head to head with the Justice League. However, it looks as if the rivalry is about to spill out of trade paperbacks and move to the box office. After a pesky lawsuit involving the rights of Superman was settled earlier this week, Warner Bros. Pictures is about to move faster than ever with getting their own super team movie off the ground, and they’re eying a 2015 release date, which happens to be the same year that Joss Whedon’s ‘The Avengers 2’ is scheduled to hit theaters.

According to Blastr, this lawsuit ruled that the heirs of Superman’s co-creator Joseph Shuster were not allowed to take back the character, which would have forbid any movies, comics, or TV shows from using some extremely key elements of The Man of Steel’s mythology. Now that that mess has been resolved, WB can really start pushing towards finally getting their Justice League movie started.

Previously, Ben Affleck was rumored to be directing DC’s premiere super team, but that was quickly shot down. As of right now, we know that Will Beall is working on a script and the search for a director continues. In terms of casting, it’s assumed that Henry Cavill will play Superman and that Armie Hammer might play Batman, but no word yet on other characters would be appearing in this version of the team let alone who would be playing them. Regardless of who plays who, the plan currently is to spin off franchises for each hero if ‘Justice League’ is successful.

It’s quite a bold move for DC to challenge Marvel’s highly anticipated sequel, but I give them major props for doing it. Gotta challenge the biggest dog in the yard to gain any respect, right? Let’s just hope that they’re up to the challenge and we don’t get another epic fail like ‘Green Lantern’.