She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power Season 4 Trailer Released

Netflix’s ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ is less than a month away and we just got a look at the upcoming season! The reboot of the 80s tv show, ‘She-ra: Princess of Power’, debuted last November on Netflix, winning over the hearts of many over a short period of time. During She-Ra’s panel at New York Comic Con, DreamWorks Animation released a thirty-second teaser for the show’s fourth season.

“There are plenty of [elements of ‘Masters of the Universe’] coming up”, series creator Noelle Stevenson announced earlier this year. The clip below showcases the after effects of the opening of the mysterious portal and potential released Horde Prime upon the universe and what adventures are in store for the Princess of Power and her friends.


“I mean it’s amazing. It’s been amazing seeing the feedback and enthusiasm. I think that it’s been really nice especially to see people picking up what we set out to do and appreciating it and seeing that it was hitting in the way that we hoped it would. That’s very rewarding to see. Yeah, I mean I think we took a risk. We made some changes that were a little bit risky, and it was very validating to see people respond to that with positivity. I hope this sets them up for the future seasons to get excited about […] some of the bigger revelations that are coming, some of the bigger character moments.” Stevenson continued. “This is the next step in these characters’ journeys. There are so many amazing episodes coming up, and this is the next step in all of our character’s journeys. They’re all on their way figuring out who they are. And this episode is so full of these incredible little character moments, and I really hope that people appreciate those and grow to love the characters as much as we do.”

Although the third season show has already been released, Stevenson has stated that “The show is only just getting started, so stay tuned. There are some things on the horizon.” While the series seems more childlike at first glance, it is evident from the trailer and Stevenson that this is not just another senseless reboot without a plot.

Season 4 of ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ will be released on Netflix on November 5th.