Lady Sif

Rumor has it, an all-but-forgotten Marvel character may make a comeback thanks to Disney+.  There is buzz that Lady Sif could be receiving her own show on the new family-oriented Disney streaming service that is due to launch later this year.  Disney+ has various Marvel projects reportedly in the works, including ‘Loki’, ‘Vision and Scarlet Witch’, ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ and ‘Rocket and Groot’.  Obviously, these projects, unlike previous Marvel TV shows, are drawn directly from the movies and are overseen by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.  These are also being viewed as miniseries, consisting of only six to eight episodes.  (Of course, if they prove popular, that could likely change.)  So far, only ‘Loki’ has been officially confirmed, but ‘Vision and Scarlet Witch’ looks like a lock, as Jac Schaeffer was recently brought on as head writer and showrunner.

Lady Sif was portrayed by Jaimie Alexander in ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’, as well as in two guest appearances on ABC’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’  But Alexander and her character were mysteriously absent from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, in which the Warriors Three were unceremoniously killed off, before Asgard itself was completely destroyed.  No one mentioned Sif’s absence.  Then in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, the few refugees that escaped the destruction of Asgard were attacked with a large number of them killed as well.  A miniseries could explain where Sif was during these events and possibly set her up for a return to the films.

When asked what happened to Sif after Thanos’ finger snap, the Russo Brothers flatly replied that she was “Gone.”

Since gaining notice in the ‘Thor’ movies, Alexander landed the lead on the action series ‘Blindspot’, currently in its fourth season on NBC.

Keep in mind this is only a rumor at this point.  But are you interested in seeing what became of Sif and potentially seeing more of her in the future?

Source: Discussing Film