Djimon Hounsou

Djimon Hounsou hopes that fans haven’t seen the last of his Marvel Cinematic Universe character Korath the Pursuer.  Though Korath died in the first ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, he got to return in ‘Captain Marvel’ which was set in the past.  While attending New York Comic Con to promote ‘The King’s Man’, Hounsou stated:

“Well don’t forget, I mean, we’re playing superheroes.  We’re playing indestructible people so I get to come back at any given time. No matter how much you have executed me. I get to come back so it’s fun.”

Half the Marvel Universe seemed to die, but returned in ‘Avengers: Endgame’.  However, because Korath’s death happened well before that, he wouldn’t have been one of the returnees.  But there are other methods.


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In the meantime, Housou has branched out into the DC Cinematic Universe in two roles.  He provided the voice of the fish-like King Ricou in ‘Aquaman’, and starred as the Wizard Shazam in ‘Shazam!’.  For the part in ‘Shazam!’ Hounsou stepped in after original actor, Ron Cephas Jones who had to vacate the role due to scheduling conflicts.  Though it isn’t based on a comic book, Hounsou similarly stepped in to replace Brian Tyree Henry in ‘A Quiet Place 2’.  He’s sort of the go-to replacement guy in Hollywood.

Hounsou already has two roles in the DCU.  It would have once been unthinkable that the same actor would occupy two roles in a shared universe, but Hounsou’s ‘Captain Marvel’ co-star Gemma Chan is doing just that.  She played Korath’s Star Force teammate Minn-Erva, but will resurface in ‘Eternals’ as the immortal Sersi.  It seems her appearance will be so radically different that Marvel isn’t worried about confusing viewers.  (As Minn-Erva, Chan was slathered in blue paint.  She will look more natural as Sersi.)

Hounsou will at least get to reprise Korath in animation, lending his voice to the upcoming Disney+ animated series ‘What If…?’.

The actor is very busy.  He will next be seen in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ on November 15.  ‘The King’s Man’ opens on February 14, of next year.  That will be followed by ‘A Quiet Place 2’ on March 20, 2020.