gemini man

Ang Lee, the director who brought us ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,’ ‘The Life of Pi,’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ is the vision behind Will Smith’s new movie, ‘Gemini Man.’  Paramount Pictures recently released a featurette about him and his vision for the movie.

I had already seen the trailer for the movie before today and thought it looked alright.  Blah, blah, blah, Will Smith movie, all action-y and explosive with some baleful looks and maybe at least one, “Aw, hell no!”  I liked the concept of him facing off against a clone of himself — my first thought was that at least now he won’t be able to upstage his costar!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll see any Will Smith movie he releases, no matter how bad the reviews, but you have to admit, he casts a pretty long and deep shadow.


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However, after watching the featurette, I think I’ll check my snark until the movie comes out.  The clips shown give fleeting glimpses of incredibly lifelike and detailed motion-captured-CG of the clone Smith.  It wasn’t that long ago that we were all creeped out by mo-cap films because of how dead they seemed (remember ‘Polar Express’ and ‘Mars Needs Moms’?).  We got a pretty good idea of what could be done by seeing a slightly de-aged Nick Fury in ‘Captain Marvel,’ but that was just smoothing out the (very distinguished) wrinkles in a character that was holding still or walking most of the film and was either stoic or grinning.   ‘Gemini Man’ appears to take it to a whole new level where decades are removed on a character that is fighting, diving, falling, and emoting all across the spectrum.

The movie will be in theaters on November 11th.  Be sure to see it as I bet this will be one of those moments that marks a threshold in cinematic magic.  Check out the featurette below:


Source: YouTube