Familiar Voices To Fill Out The Roster Of Superman: Red Son

We’ve all been there — you’re watching an animated movie and the characters bound across the screen spouting dialogue.  Their voice caresses your brain like a long-lost lover, teasing you because you know you’ve heard it before, but you just can’t quite make it out.  Sometimes you figure it out and it’s fun because you feel like a smarty-pants, and sometimes it drives you crazy until you pull your phone out because you just have to know!

When you watch the upcoming ‘Superman: Red Son,’ scheduled to be released in 2020 by Warner Bros. Animation, you’re going to be getting the brain tickles with both barrels!  This movie is based on Mark Millar’s ‘Elseworlds‘ tale from 2004, which explored the notion of what might have happened if Superman had fallen into the Soviet Union, instead of Kansas.  The cast roster is lining up with all kinds of familiar voices.


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From ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ Jason Isaacs will be voicing Kal-El.  He’s been around the DC block before, having voiced Sinestro, Lex Luthor, and R’as al Ghul in other works.  ‘American Housewife’ actor Diedrich Bader will be there too as Lex Luthor, with Amy Acker (‘The Gifted’ and ‘Angel’) as Lois Lane, ‘Star Wars Rebels’ alum Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman, and Phil Morris from ‘Doom Patrol’ as everyone’s second-favorite photographer (after Peter Parker – duh), Jimmy Olson.

Personally, I’m interested to see the film.  As a kid growing up in the 80s under the threat of nuclear annihilation, I was certain that the day I died, it would be with a Soviet soldier looking down on me.  As an adult, I see it all now for the propaganda that it was.  Yet, I still get involuntary chills echoing from the childhood fears at the thought of the USSR having an unstoppable powerhouse like Superman and what it would have meant for the world during the Cold War — especially in a fantasy universe with no holds barred.  Any other Gen-Xers out there feeling the same way?


Source: TV Insider