A Second Season Of Star Trek: Picard Could Film As Early As Next Spring!

While a second season of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ has yet to officially be announced, Sir Patrick Stewart has revealed that it could begin filming as early as next Spring! This CBS All Access series is set to bring back Stewart in the role of the iconic Jean-Luc Picard and let us know what happened to the Captain of the Enterprise 20 years after we last saw him in uniform. It has never been clear if the plan for this was to be a one-shot or an ongoing show such as ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ but now it seems that at least a second outing could be happening.

This detail was casually dropped by Stewart while on a surprise visit to the University of Huddersfield after he finished filming the first season. The actor was once a Chancellor at the school and was given a tour of the new £30 million Barbara Hepworth Building which is now the University’s School of Art, Design, and Architecture.

His acting came up during an interview, and he was asked if he had plans to return to the stage. After an enthusiastic “Oh yes!” he went on to share:

“I am not giving up my stage work, though it may have to wait for now because there are three projects that I have finished, two films and the TV series, which all need promotion. So I am clearing the decks for that, and then there is also the possibility of a second Picard series filming in March next year.”

At this time, we know that the first season plans on addressing what happened to the Romulan Empire after their homeworld was destroyed in the soft reboot of 2009’s ‘Star Trek’ as well as what happened to the Borg. It sounds like Picard will be safe at the end of the season if talk of a second outing with the character is already potentially in the works!

Are you thrilled that Patrick Stewart hinted that a second season of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ could be in the works? What is another critical area of Jean-Luc’s past you would like to see explored in a sophomore season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Examiner Live