TNT recently confirmed that its planned ‘Titans’ live action TV series (under the working title ‘Blackbirds’) was officially dead.  Their plan had been to adapt the comic book concept to a show starring Nightwing, Barbara Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl/Oracle), Starfire, Raven and Hawk and Dove.  It always seemed like a long shot at best, mainly because the show would have been sequestered on TNT, apart from other DC Comics shows ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ on The CW, ‘Gotham’ on FOX and ‘Supergirl’ on CBS, yet it would have featured Nightwing and Batgirl, two characters firmly entrenched in Batman comic book lore.  In the meantime, the Titans’ biggest foes, including Deathstroke and Brother Blood had already been used on ‘Arrow’.

Now that the proposed TNT series has been scrapped, that doesn’t mean that fans won’t get to see the heroes in live action form.

DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, who himself scripted one of the most beloved runs of the ‘Teen Titans’ comic book, revealed:

“We [at DC] have known about [Turner nixing Titans] for months and months and months. That’s not new news to us.  We have plans for Titans. It’s a huge piece of DC and we have plans.”

Teen Titans originated as a junior version of the Justice League, uniting the various teen sidekicks as a club that took on threats unique to adolescents.  Over the years, dozens of heroes have served as Titans (who eventually dropped the “Teen” from their name), perhaps most noticeably Cyborg, Victor Stone, a half-human, half-computer who has recently been recast as a member of the Justice League.  Ray Fisher will portray Vic/Cyborg in ‘Batman V Superman’, although the extent of his involvement is unknown.  Fisher will reprise the role in ‘Justice League – Part One’ before spinning off into his own movie in 2020, although it has been rumored that the solo film may be retooled as a ‘Titans’ movie.

We know that the Robins play a part in ‘Batman V Superman’, allegedly with one of them having died and it’s been widely rumored that the first Robin, Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, will factor into the films, although he may not appear in person in ‘BvS’.  And Jena Malone is also known to be in ‘BvS’ reportedly as either Barbara Gordon or Carrie Kelly, the female Robin from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ comic book, which is known to be a heavy influence on this film.  So whatever these “huge” plans that DC has may already be in effect.

Of course, the ‘Teen Titans’ are best known among the general population thanks to their two successful cartoons on The Cartoon Network.

What would you like to see done with The (Teen?) Titans?  Would you like to see Cyborg, Nightwing and friends in the movie universe?

Source: Screen Rant