At this point in time going into the final season of ‘Arrow,’ fans now know that not only will Malcolm Merlyn and Tommy Merlyn be returning (plus fan-favorite sword-woman Katana), but also Moira Queen will be making a re-appearance in ‘Arrow.’ It all fits with the usual swan-song/ end of an era type stuff that goes with a final season, but the question for ‘Arrow,’ the most grounded of the CW shows, is how any of this is even possible? Of course, star Stephen Amell hinted about the rational behind the reappearances last month during the TCA Press Tour, stating:

“It’s definitely possible on an Earth.”

And with the Monitor leading Oliver Queen on a quest to prepare him for the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ storyline, it is very likely that the Monitor will use his powers to allow Oliver to visit other Earth’s and even other Timelines, which would make bringing any of these characters “back to life” for an episode relatively easy. And, as a fan, these kinds of cameos will be much more fun than the flashbacks and hallucinations that ‘Arrow’ usually employs to bring back previously deceased characters, as Oliver will actually be able to engage with real people in the present. And a meeting with his mom after everything that has happened is sure to prove poignant, especially since he expects he will be joining her in death soon enough once his task with the Monitor is complete.


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Also while at TCA, showrunner Beth Schwartz reminded fans that bringing Tommy Merlyn back is something they like to do as often as possible, claiming the decision this season “was very easy. We like to bring him back every season.” Schwartz went on to talk about the final season as a whole, and some of their plans for the series end.

“We have a lot of guest cast coming back. The whole season is basically our greatest hits [and] we’re kind of tying up some stories that you could have seen in Seasons 3 or 2.”

That bit about tying up stories from early seasons is particularly intriguing since ‘Arrow’ tended to move so fast through its season (sometimes nonsensically) that plot-lines were often left dangling and completely forgotten. It will be interesting to see how they manage to tie up some of those loose ends. However, I suspect most of it will be about Oliver coming to peace with some of the mistakes and failures of the past (yet again), such as bringing back Moira so he can have closure with his mother who was killed so suddenly by Slade Wilson in Season 2.

‘Arrow’ will begin its final run on Tuesday, October 15, ending just as the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover events begins. Make sure to tune in to see how it all comes to a close, and also feel free to share any of your own thoughts or opinions about the final season and who else may re-appear in the comments below!


Source: TV Line