With San Diego Comic-Con being the biggest genre convention in the world, we always see big announcements crop up and Warner Brothers Television has not only announced their schedule, but also which shows will be shown early on “Preview Night”! There is some exciting news in here for those who will be attending the convention and I’m not going to lie, I’m extremely jealous of you!

So for those of you going,  here’s what WBTV has in store!

On Wednesday night (aka “Preview Night”) Warner Bros. will screen 4 of its most anticipated pilots. The lineup includes: ‘Constantine‘ (NBC), ‘The Flash (CW), ‘iZombie‘ (CW) and ‘Teen Titans Go!’ (Cartoon Network). Yes, that’s four shows based off of DC Comic Books! If you’ve been wanting to know more about ‘Constantine’ this is the only night that the pilot episode will be shown in its entirety as only snippets from the show will be shown at the panel for the series.

Thursday the network doesn’t have much going on and only has a ‘Children’s Hospital’ Event.

Friday things pick back up with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ panel in Ballroom 20, an ‘iZombie’ panel in Room 6BCF), ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ (Indigo Ballroom), ‘The 100’ (Room 6BCF), ‘The Originals’ (Ballroom 20), and ‘Arrow‘ (Ballroom 20). That’s a full line up of panels!

On Saturday you’ll have a chance to check out panels for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (Ballroom 20), ‘Constantine’ (Room 6BCF), ‘Person of Interest’ (Room 6BCF) and the big DC Entertainment event in Hall H (‘Gotham‘, ‘The Flash’, ‘Arrow’, and ‘Constantine’).

Finally, Warner Bros. are closing the show on Sunday with panels for ‘Supernatural‘ and ‘The Following’ in Hall H and ‘Teen Titans Go!’ in Room 6BCF.

Which panels are you most interested in hearing more about? Do you have any specific ones you plan to attend (or would want to if you can’t go?) Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend