There Appear To Be VERY Early Rumblings Of A 'Swamp Thing' Movie But It Won't Continue The TV Series

Just weeks after DC Universe’s startling cancellation of ‘Swamp Thing’, word is now surfacing that Warner Brothers may bring the metaphysical muck monster to the big screen!  This scoop comes from We Got This Covered, who wrote:

“The initial goodwill around the DC Universe series and the backlash against the cancellation seems to have inspired the studio to consider doing something with the character on the big screen.”

However, according to WGTC’s sources, this movie is a brand new thing.  It won’t be a continuation of the DC Universe series.  It won’t include that cast, but it is rumored that producer James Wan will be involved.  WGTC’s report was confirmed by Bloody Disgusting, who also stated that the ‘Swamp Thing’ movie would be a horror movie, but stressed that WGTC’s announcement is “astoundingly premature.”  That probably means that someone at Warner Brothers leaned over to someone else and said, “Wow, people are really ticked that we canceled ‘Swamp Thing’.  Hey, maybe we should make a movie!” and that’s about as firm as this movie is at this time.

Incidentally, a low-budget ‘Swamp Thing’ horror film was released in 1982, making it one of the earliest comic book movies.  Not counting serials, ‘Swamp Thing’ was the fourth comic book movie, following 1966’s ‘Batman’ featuring the cast of the TV series, 1978’s ‘Superman’, and 1980’s ‘Superman II’.  That ‘Swamp Thing’ movie was written and directed by Wes Craven.  Much like on the DC Universe show, Swamp Thing and his human alter ego, Alec Holland, were played by two different actors.  Ray Wise (‘Fresh Off the Boar’) appeared as Holland, while stunt performer Dick Durock portrayed the Swamp Thing in a rubbery practical suit.


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Swamp Thing was included in the screenplay for Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Dark Universe’/’Justice League Dark’ movie, which may or may not still be in the works.

But back to the DC Universe show, it seems odd that Warner Brothers would be swayed by the negative reaction to the cancelation of ‘Swamp Thing’ and jump to the conclusion that they needed to make an unrelated movie.  Why not just un-cancel the show?  It’s already been cast, they spent big money on the rubber suit, there are sets, the writers probably have plans for where they wanted to take the story.  True, there were “creative differences” but can’t those be ironed out a lot easier than investing millions more into a theatrical movie?

What do you think?  Would you like to see a new ‘Swamp Thing’ film?