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‘Scoob!’ is a new animated movie that reinterprets the classic cartoon canine and his human companions.  While the new film employs modern technology for its animation, it retains a 2D look that is in keeping with the multitude of cel-animated TV cartoons.  Now an image of Shaggy and Scooby that appears to be from a licensing expo has surfaced.  Check it out below:


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Vimos a primeira imagem do próximo filme do Scooby doo para os cinemas hoje na #expolicensinglatam e tá lindo!!!

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As you can see, Norville “Shaggy” Rogers has been radically redesigned with the addition of a gray long-sleeve shirt underneath his famous green V-neck.

‘Last Man on Earth’s Will Forte voices Shaggy in ‘Scoob’, while voice acting legend Frank Welker provides Scooby’s voice.  Velma will be voiced by Gina Rodriguez, while Zac Efron and Amanda Seifred will voice Fred and Daphne.  This is an origin story, so the Mystery Inc. gang will also appear as kids, voiced by Iain Armitage/Shaggy, Ariana Greenblatt/Velma, Pierce Gagnon/Fred, and Mckenna Grace/Daphne.

‘Scoob’ will also incorporate other Hanna-Barbera super sleuths.  Tracy Morgan will voice Captain Caveman, while Kiersy Clemons will voice Teen Angel DeeDee Sykes.  (There were two other Teen Angels on the cartoon, Brenda and Taffy, but they either don’t appear in ‘Scoob!’ or their castings haven’t been announced.)  Mark Wahlberg will play superhero Blue Falcon, with Ken Jeong as his sidekick Dyno-Mutt, Dog Wonder.  Jason Isaacs supplies the voice of baddie Dick Dastardly, from the ’60s toon ‘Wacky Races’.

‘Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?’ premiered in 1969 and was an instant sensation.  It was reinvented seven times while on Saturday mornings, and has never left the airwaves thanks to syndications, the Cartoon Network, Boomerang and more.  In 1998, Warner Brothers began releasing original animated movies to home video, and those continue to this day.  The TV series has since been brought back and reinvented several times.  (The best being ‘Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc.’.  Just sayin’.)  Of course, there have also been two live-action theatrical movies, as well as a few direct-to-video movies.  (Don’t bother with those.)  The newest cartoon, ‘Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?’ is available on Boomerang.

‘Scoob’ will be released on May 15, 2020.