Not everyone is thrilled about ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen‘ and actor Jeffrey Tambor is likely the most vocal about his disappointment in the film and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. The actor played the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense director Tom Manning in both ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army.’ While he was initially unhappy about a reboot, it went further and went into being unhappy with how it was announced. Or, to be more specific, how the creative team behind the first two movies weren’t included in an announcement.

When Mignola first took to Twitter here is how Tambor responded:

Now, to be fair, we’ve heard that Mignola isn’t happy with where Guillermo took Hellboy in the second movie and his plans for the third. As it is his creation and del Toro’s release schedule was a miss, this isn’t too surprising.

Tambor wasn’t going to stop there though! Next up is when he mentioned that the director and leading two actors should have gotten some sort of a shout out with the new franchise announcement:

As this is a full on reboot, it isn’t surprising that the cast and crew weren’t mentioned. If they had been it likely would have been a footnote at best. I’m still in the camp of wishing that the original trilogy should have gotten an endcap but this move isn’t surprising and it is doubtful it was meant with any slight in mind.

Apparently, some of his friends and those who he has worked for wanted Tambor to quiet down a bit as:

He did finally clarify though that his main beef was just not having a shoutout for his friends.

While this likely won’t accomplish anything after the fact, it does show how passionate not just the fans of ‘Hellboy’ have been but the actors involved in the first two films. At the very least, the head of the Bluth household seems to be someone we should all enjoy following on Twitter for some random shenanigans.

Do you agree with Jeffrey Tambor that the new movie announcement should have thrown a thank you to those involved in the original films? Was this a good way to get his point across or did he go a little overboard? Share your thoughts below!

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