Michael Mosley
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Michael Mosley is joining the cast of ‘Titans’ as supervillain Doctor Light.  It is not yet known how large a role he will play on the show, but in the comics, Doctor Light, a.k.a. Arthur Light, was a major foe for the Titans as well as The Atom and other DC heroes.  Mosley was cast in the pilot for FOX’s upcoming A.I. series ‘NeXT’.  It’s unknown how that will impact his role on ‘Titans’, but it’s possible he was only in the pilot for ‘NeXT’ and won’t be on the series going forward, or perhaps their filming doesn’t overlap.  It’s also possible that Doctor Light will only make a brief appearance on ‘Titans’.

Mosley is currently starring as Everett Lynch on the final season of ‘Criminal Minds’.  He may also be recognized for an extended run on ‘Ozark’, the miniseries ‘Seven Seconds’, and the web series ‘Fear the Walking Dead: Passage’.  He has also popped up on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Elementary’ and more.

Arthur Light was a somewhat silly Silver Age villain, and his frequent defeats by the Teen Titans were used to minimize his effectiveness as a criminal.  In later books, however, his persona was considerably darkened, with him being depicted as both a child killer and a serial rapist.  Perhaps most disturbingly, while he was in the midst of enacting a “rape fantasy” with a group of women dressed as Teen Titans, he was stopped and killed by The Spectre.  However, because DC reboots their comics every few years, Doctor Light has since been revived.

Arthur Light is not to be confused with Kimiyo Hoshi, a female hero that used the name Doctor Light and has acted as a member of the Justice League at various times. Malese Jow portrayed a villainous version of this character on ‘The Flash’, although this was a parallel universe doppelganger of recurring character Linda Park, not Kimiyo Hoshi.

‘Titans’ Season 2 premieres on DC Universe on September 6.


Source: ComicBook.com