Tiffany Lonsdale
Ascension Photo by: Diego Uchitel/Syfy

Tiffany Lonsdale is swimming ashore for the third season of Freeform’s ‘Siren’.  She will portray Tia, “an extremely intelligent mermaid with a highly evolved knowledge of the human condition. She speaks several languages, understands advanced science and technology and was trained as a high-level warrior.”

Lonsdale appeared on the Syfy series ‘Ascension’, and co-starred on the web series ‘This is a Love Story’.  She had a role in the film ‘Hail, Caesar!’ and most recently popped up on the shows ‘You’ and “S.W.A.T.’  Lonsdale will be a series regular in the upcoming third season of ‘Siren’.

‘Siren’ was co-created by Eric Wald and Dean White, and was an instant hit when it premiered on Freeform in early 2018, becoming one of its top series.


Siren is an epic tale about the coastal town of Bristol Cove, known for its legend of once
being home to mermaids. The arrival of a mysterious girl, Ryn (Eline Powell), wreaks
havoc on the small fishing town as she proves the folklore true. Using their resources,
marine biologists Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) must work together
to find out who and what drove this primal hunter of the deep sea to land and if there are
more like her. Xander (Ian Verdun) is a deep-sea fisherman looking to uncover the truth
and Helen (Rena Owen), the town eccentric, knows more than she lets on.

In Season 2, Bristol Cove is under martial law, following an attack on an oil rig.  The mermaids returned to the sea.  Helen discovers that she is not the only merfolk, but also discovers that that is a darkness to her people’s past.

The last episode of Season 2 aired on August 1, but Freeform renewed it for a third season back in May.  At that time, Freeform’s president Tom Ascheim stated that:

“[Freeform] is built on one very powerful belief: that embracing the disruptive voices and diverse identities of our viewers is key to our ongoing success. We are so proud to have the opportunity to grow with our audience and are looking forward to continuing to push the boundaries of convention through our programming—this year and in years to come.”

Both prior seasons of ‘Siren’ debuted early in the year, so presumably, Season 3 will arrive early in 2020.


Source: Deadline