We found out a month ago that the ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ series was to be expanded with webisodes and now have learned that the title for them is ‘Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462‘ which will tie directly into the second season of the series. The first episode will be debuting on October 4th on AMC.com and future episodes will premiere during ‘The Walking Dead’s commercial breaks in 1 minute segments starting on October 11th. If you miss it during the show you’ll get a bonus chance to see it online after the episodes air.

This mini-episode is set to take palce during the events of the first season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and the crew in charge of creating it is directly from ‘Fear the Walking Dead’. Just like the series it is being produced by Dave Erickson and David Wiener, written by L. Signorino and Mike Zunic, while being directed by Michael McDonough.

The events of this mini-episode show what happens when one of these zombie outbreaks occur on a plane. While that can’t bode well for passengers we do know that at least one of them will survive as they’ll be joining the cast of the second season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’. We don’t know at this time if those on board the plane will know about the outbreak or think that they just have a sick passenger. While we previously knew that this was going to be released, the only major change seems to be that it was originally scheduled to be 6 5-minute episode and now is being broken up into a 16-part series.

According to Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV:

‘Flight 462’ is a great extension of the world of ‘Fear’ and will engage fans across multiple platforms with another riveting story set at the start of the fall of civilization. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dave Erickson and David Wiener on another piece of original content. Watching how they’ll bring one of these new characters to the second season of ‘Fear’ will be really exciting for viewers to follow.

What are your thoughts on the series using a webseries to introduce a new character to us? Do you think this will be a survivor of a plane crash or will there just be the beginning of an outbreak on the plane with a walker who ends up restrained? Share your thoughts below!

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will premiere on October 4th on AMC.COM.