SDCC 2019 Cosplay

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to make it out to yet another San Diego Comic-Con, where I could experience all the sights and sounds (and on the crowded main floor after the humidity outside, the smells) of all of the excited fans of today’s nerdy pop-culture. And as always, one of the real treats of SDCC is the amazing cosplayers who work diligently to put together their costumes so they can celebrate in style down in the Gaslamp District.

For the first wave of cosplay photos, I noticed a lot of creativity with the costumes, especially for those looking to dress up as something unique, and not just come as the same old characters we always see. With that in mind, one of my favorites from this grouping is the guy who put a box on his head with “Disney+” labeled on it, mostly because I love a costume that makes people laugh, even if it does not make all that much sense.

Best costume of this group has to be the guy dressed up as Pennywise, as his costume looked amazing, and he really kept himself in character while walking around. Also up there was the group of Marge Simpson cosplayers, who paraded around the floor like celebrities. And last but not least, I really enjoyed the man who dressed up as old-school Adam West Batman (blue cape and all), as it was nice to see a different Batman running around instead of the standard black-cape and cowl we see every year.

Honorable mention was the Spider-Man I found sitting nearby at a panel, mainly because I really appreciated his commitment to the character, keeping the mask on throughout the panel and still managing to look engaged in what was being said.

Check out the photos for yourself, and feel free to share your favorites in the comments below!