It is another round of the Television Critics Association so all kinds of news is going to be spilling out and one juicy piece is what Fox execs are thinking about in regards to the future of ‘The X-Files‘. We already know that Chris Carter might be up in the air on the show’s future with Gillian Anderson not interested in reprising her role as Agent Dana Scully after this season, but now the network has weighed in.

According to Dana Walden, Chairman and CEO of Fox:

“It seems like if those are the circumstances there won’t be any more X-Files,”

But don’t totally lose hope as when pressed on the issue, Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Gary Newman  gave a less definitive answer:

“You could’ve asked Chris (Carter), David (Duchovny) and Gillian (Anderson) at various times since the show originally premiered whether they would do more. Some days you’d get a ‘yes’, some days you’d get a ‘no.’ “They’ve done two additional seasons. I would not foreclose the possibility that in the future there could be more. Not only are there no plans [right now], but there hasn’t been a single conversation about it. It’s too early to even speculate.””

With the show’s ending still months off and a compelling pitch to Anderson possibly not even made by Carter at this point, the creative team and network are still unsure of the show’s future. We know that this early after the Season 10 premiere last year there was no plan or conversation about another season, so that viewpoint isn’t too surprising here.

The downside for the show’s chances, outside of Anderson not being interested, is that the average live viewership severely dropped from last year. Of course, ‘The X-Files’ also had one of the largest viewings by the numbers once people had a chance to watch it on their DVR, so there might still be plenty of time for that number to skyrocket. I know I fell into that category watching the show about an hour after it aired.

Do you think that Fox would greenlight another season of ‘The X-Files’ with or without Anderson back as Scully? Will the numbers force the show into this being the final season or are the cast and crew going to be the ones who decide its fate? Share your thoughts below!