The Korean/American science fiction film ‘Snowpierecer’, directed by Bong Joon-ho, opened in his native country of Korea with record-breaking ticket sales and strong critical reaction.  The film, which depicts a dystopian future where a failed experiment to counter global warming resulted in the Earth being encased in ice, showcases a class struggle on board a never-stopping train housing the few remaining survivors of the population.

Last week, it was reported that The Weinstein Company, who will distribute the film in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, demanded that twenty minutes be shaved from the 125 minute film, purportedly because company head Harvey Weinstein felt US audiences were too simple-minded to appreciate the film in its entirety and wanted it cut down to flow like a more typical action movie.

‘Snowpiercer’ star Chris Evans was confronted about his feelings on the matter, by Collider.  The poor actor, who also discusses his love of Dunkin Donuts and his upcoming directing debut, is clearly uneasy with the question and struggles to remain diplomatic.  “I love the movie [but] I’ve only ever seen the full 125-minute version and it’s beautiful … but I’ve heard he’s looking to cut some things down and it’s tricky… I’ve heard that he’s looking to cut some things down and, you know, it’s tricky… This is the tricky part about making movies.  There’s usually a method to Harvey’s madness.  I just got back from Korea so I wanna go in and see—I’ve gotta see a lot of things and I’d love to have a discussion with him.  It’s one of those things that’s just tricky.”  The key word here is “tricky” and it certainly seems that Evans is having a “tricky” time biting his tongue.  The actor doesn’t disagree when the interviewer rephrases his comment as “It f—ing sucks!” and “bulls—.”

Check out the full interview below:


Because of the changes being made, even though ‘Snowpiercer’ is already in theaters in parts of the world, the dumbed-down version for the Weinstein Company’s territories probably won’t arrive until next year sometime.

To tide you over, here are three 30 second featurettes featuring the film’s lead actors.  But, just be warned, Song Kang-ho’s snippet is in Korean.

Are you looking forward to ‘Snowpierecer’?  If you are in one of the countries under the Weinstein’s control, will you check out the shortened film in theaters or cross your fingers for a “Director’s Cut” on BluRay?  Comment below?