Avengers: Endgame Blu-Ray Packaging Art

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is getting a second cinematic release with a new post-credits scene, in hopes that the Marvel behemoth will claw its way past ‘Avatar’ to become the highest-grossing film of all time.  Even so, it’s been over two months since it stormed theaters the first time, and fans are getting antsy for a home video release so they can relive the excitement over and over, at their leisure, and the ability to go pee whenever they need to.  While Disney has not announced when ‘Endgame’ will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K Ultra HD, or digital– but I guarantee you, it will be released on digital about a month before the physical release– the studio has offered up a look at the cover and a list of the bonus features that aficionados can look forward to diving into.


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First, here is the cover to the 4K Ultra HD release.  It is very possible that the different formats will have alternate covers.

Avengers: Endgame home release 4K cover

These are the bonus features that will be included:

– Deleted Scenes (4:36)
– Gag Reel (1:51)
– Avengers: Damage Control
– An Immersive VR Adventure (5:23)
– In Memory of Stan Lee (6:53)
– Introduction by the Russos (2:29)
– The Russo Brothers – The Journey to Endgame (4:44)
– The Women of the MCU (4:35)
– Setting the Tone: Casting Robert Downey Jr (5:07)
– Bro Thor (3:28)
– Dropped Out of His Time: Captain America (11:44)
– Black Widow: Whatever it Takes (7:03)

PRESUMABLY, the video release will include the extra footage from the second theatrical release.  (It effin’ BETTER!)

It’s not only likely that the physical releases with have different covers, but that various retailers will all have their own special proprietary editions.  Usually, the content is the same, but certain retailers will have something extra to go along with them, like a toy or collectible, or an art book, or something else.

There is also talk that Disney will release a huge boxed set of every Marvel movie, but that isn’t confirmed.

Check back for any updates.  Will you be picking up ‘Avengers: Endgame’ when it is released?