iron fist

With the introduction of a much more laid back Danny Rand in the second season of ‘Luke Cage,‘ we were hoping that Mike Colter would be reprising his role and make a guest appearance when ‘Iron Fist‘ returns to Netflix later this year. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case which will dash the hopes for anyone that wanted the “Heroes For Hire” to make an appearance.

While Finn Jones who plays the character would love to share some screen time with Colter again, that just won’t happen in the sophomore season of his series:

“Well, Mike isn’t in Season 2, unfortunately. I wish he was; I love working with Mike. I hope to see more Heroes for Hire in the future. I think it’s a great pairing; I think Heroes For Hire and Daughters of the Dragon is just gold! So hopefully that will happen later on down the line, but right now we’re just focusing on a true Iron Fist story.”

Seeing more of the Iron Fist which we were introduced to in “The Main Ingredient” (the 10th episode of Season 2 of ‘Luke Cage’) is still a selling point. We’re finally getting the more laid back and carefree character from the comic which is something that could redeem the horrible memories we all have Iron Fists’ first season.

Oh, and of course Scott Buck (‘Inhumans’) isn’t involved in this outing, so that is a bonus as well.

Are you sad that we won’t see the “Heroes For Hire” make their on-screen appearance in the second season of ‘Iron Fist’? Do you feel that this will give Finn Jones a better chance to shine with his improved take on the character which we saw in ‘Luke Cage’? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: LRM Online