Stranger Steve And Dustin

One of the most surprising and yet best things to come from Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ has been the friendship between Steve and Dustin. Now, the latest New Coke television ad has an extended edition which shows off how the two have become even better friends since we last saw them! The duo has adequately bonded as brothers as we see how the two will be arguing over all kinds of fun things from girls to how to eat popcorn in a heartwarming manner.

Oh, and of course, you’ll see some New Coke product placement front and center which will likely translate to the series but as this is the year it launched can you really blame them?


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You can check out the latest New Coke add which features one of the best friendships in ‘Stranger Things’ right here!


I think we’re all a bit surprised at exactly how far Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington has come over the years. He really went from being your stereotypical jock at the start of the first season to a fan-favorite in all the best ways.

It isn’t clear if this scene will end up in the third season or is just in the ad, but either way, it is worth checking out!

Did you get a kick out of the extended ‘Stranger Things” New Coke ad? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Steve and Dustin’s friendship in the upcoming third season of one of Netflix’s flagship shows? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

It’s 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana, and summer’s heating up. School’s out, there’s a brand new mall in town, and the Hawkins crew are on the cusp of adulthood. Romance blossoms and complicates the group’s dynamic, and they’ll have to figure out how to grow up without growing apart. Meanwhile, danger looms. When the town’s threatened by enemies old and new, Eleven and her friends are reminded that evil never ends; it evolves. Now they’ll have to band together to survive and remember that friendship is always stronger than fear.

‘Stranger Things’ returns to Netflix for a third season on July 4th, 2019!