Stranger Things 3

Perhaps the major theme of ‘Stranger Things 3’ is “change.”  The kids are growing up, about to start high school, and their bodies are starting to become stranger to them.

As series co-creator Matt Duffer explained to Entertainment Weekly:

“We wanted to explore the theme of change.  The season takes place during the last summer before high school. The kids are growing up, and that transition is going to be messy and awkward and painful. Are they able to grow up without growing apart?”

As for the older kids, it is known that Steve (Joe Keery) will have graduated from Hawkins High, and will spend the summer slinging frozen treats at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor at the new Starcourt Mall.  He may also get a new love interest in Robin (Maya Thurman Hawke), his co-worker.

But don’t worry about him getting too big to hang out with a certain awkward youngster with whom he forged an unexpected bond in ‘Stranger Things 2’– Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).  Though we don’t know the circumstances, we do know that “Stustin” will be back.

As Matarazzo said:

“You definitely see more of that.  That’s what I really like about Matt and Ross: They know what fans like and they roll with it.”

If you watched ‘Beyond Stranger Things’, you may recall that the Duffer Brothers hadn’t even come up with the idea to pair Dustin and Steve up until they were already several episodes into the second season.  Yet it worked, and fans loved the interaction.

Though the teaser image above looks lighthearted enough, don’t worry.  The terrors from the Upside Down will find their way back to Hawkins.

As Matt Duffer added:

“Eleven closed the Gate, but the Mind Flayer is still alive in the Upside Down.  It will find another way into Hawkins.… It’s just a matter of time.”

It’s also just a matter of time before fans can head back to Hawkins.  ‘Stranger Things 3’ will premiere on Netflix on July 4th.