It’s been a long road between with a decent story line and some unfortunate filler episodes, but this is the season finale of ‘Once Upon A Time’. It has been renewed for a second season, so will they leave us on a cliffhanger tonight? Read on to find out, unless your avoiding spoilers of course.

Last week we saw Henry eat the apple turnover intended to poison Emma. He did it to prove to her the curse is real. But do you think it was enough?

Story Time

Prince Charming beats on the jail cell door. He says he will find her, he will always find her, but the guards come in and tell him that the queen has ordered his execution. He beats them, running. He is almost stopped by an archer, who happens to be the Huntsman originally supposed to kill Snow White. He tells him that he gave up his heart so that Snow wouldn’t have to give up hers.

The Queen is angry at the Huntsman for him escaping. He tries to promise he’ll find him, but she tells him that won’t be necessary, that the Prince is hers after seeing him in her mirror. She teleports James deep into the forest, where Rumplestiltskin runs into him, telling him that he is in the infinite forest. Rumplestiltskin shows the ring originally belonging to Charming’s mother and explains he has enchanted the ring to glow brighter when he is closer to Snow White. James gets angry with the fact that he would have to make another deal with Rumpletsitltskin, and a sword fight ensues. “Bravery won’t get you out of this forest deary, magic will.” He tells him they both want the same thing. “You and your true love to be together of course.” Rumplestiltskin gives him the deal of hiding the potion of True Love in the belly of the beast in exchange for his ring back.

The Prince goes to see Malificent, not knowing at first that she is the beast he seeks. When he questions her as to where the beast who guards the castle is, she takes out all the light in the castle, laughing, revealing it is her. She turns into a dragon, blowing fire at James. Malificent rages, blowing fire around the castle, puting James behind a corner. He gets her to chase him. From above he jumps on her back and throws the egg in her gills, forcing her to swallow it. He then jumps out a window into the waters below.

Rumplestiltskin applauds James for his work. He gives James the ring, saying that he will find Snow. James thanks him, and walks away, but before he can leave Rumplestiltskin changes his clothes for him. He tells James he is a fan of true love and more importantly, what it creates.

The Prince keeps checking the ring as he finds Snow deep in the woods with the dwarves. He begs to let him say goodbye, not believing what he sees. He kisses her, which brings a shudder of magic to the forest, awaking Snow White. “You found me!”she says to which he replies “Did you ever doubt I would?”. The two walk together down the beach, where he proposes to Snow. Snow hesitates after she kisses him, worried about his father and her stepmother. Snow proposes they take back the kingdom, together.

Real Time

Emma rushes Henry into the hospital, where Dr. Whale tells her he’s not showing any signs of poison. He tells her that it is like magic, when she touches the book, all of the memories come flooding back to her. She tells Regina she did this to him, throwing her in the closet ensuing an actual physical fight. Emma tells Regina that Henry ate the turnover, making her angry saying that it was for Emma. Emma tells her to use magic and to bring him back. Regina says that was the last of the magic she had in this world. She says there is one person in the town who knows about magic, which Emma replies is Mr. Gold. Regina corrects her, saying his name is Rumplestiltskin.

David goes to see Mary. He apologizes again for not believing in Mary. He says that since he woke up from the coma his life hasn’t made sense, except his love for Mary. David tells Mary that Katherine put a downpayment on an apartment in Boston that she isn’t going to use, but he is, unless, of course, Mary gives him an excuse to stay. She tells him she can’t, getting in her car. David walks away.

Emma and Regina go to Mr. Gold to break the curse. Mr. Gold was excited to see Emma believes. Regina is upset that Henry has to pay the price, but Mr. Gold said that magic always comes with a price. He then explains that True Love is what can break Henry’s curse, and he happened to bring some with. He asks Regina “Where is she?” and she looks shocked, but he knew she couldn’t resist bringing her. At this point we as viewers aren’t sure who “she” is. Emma confused, asks what she is to do. Mr. Gold then opens a long case and presents her with her father’s sword, stating that the potion is within her.

Next, we see Emma go to visit Henry, apologizing for not believing in the curse. Regina walks in, which Emma coldly tells her “Say what you gotta say, you got 10 minutes.” Regina cries over Henry, saying she’s sorry. Jefferson appears behind her, wanting his side of the deal filled. Regina tells him since Emma didn’t eat the apple, the deal is null in void. Angered, Jefferson threatens her life, but Regina tells him he doesn’t have it in him. She walks away.

Emma goes to see August, who can no longer move. Emma asks him how she can fix him, finally seeing his wooden body. Emma needs his help, she is overwhelmed, stating no normal person could handle it. August begins to tell her that she can save all of them when he is completely turned to wood.

Regina and Emma meet in front of an abandoned looking building. Regina turns a few knobs and opens some latches revealing an elevator and explains that what is down there is trapped here, in a different form as punishment. Emma tells Regina that if Henry dies, Regina dies. “So lets get on with it.” Regina sends her down the elevator after explaining what she has to do to defeat the beast. Emma approaches a coffin, but sees it empty. She backs into the dragon Malificent.

After some running around a bit, Emma throws the sword to the side and instead fires her gun at Malificent, but it does nothing to her. The dragon chases her, blazing fire, but falls into the pit. Emma thinks that she is able to step forward, but the dragon reappears flying up from the dark hole beneath. While Emma fights the dragon, Mary goes to see Henry, reading the book to him. She begins to tell Henry why she gave him the book, but his heart stops.

While the doctors are fussing over Henry, Jefferson sneaks in to see Belle. He tells Belle that she needs to find Mr. Gold, and to tell him that Regina locked her up, promising that Mr. Gold will keep her safe. She understands his instructions and takes off to find Mr. Gold.

Emma returns to her father’s sword, taunting the dragon. She throws the sword directly in the belly of Malificent, turning her to ash. Emma finds the egg containing the potion, which she clutches tightly to her chest.

Next we see David get in his packed up truck, driving towards the city limits while Emma travels up the elevator. It stops suddenly, and Mr. Gold appears. He promises Henry’s safety, saying that Regina tricked her and abandoned her and instructs Emma to throw the egg up to him as time is running out. Emma tosses the egg to him. When Emma finally climbs up the opening of the elevator shaft she sees Mr. Gold disappeared, and Regina is tied up. They realize that Mr. Gold manipulated all of them as the hospital calls. They rush over to find out that Henry has died. Emma slowly approaches his bed, and Regina cries outside the room.

Mr. Gold holds the egg, finding a key in one of his drawers. He holds the bottle of True Love before pocketing it. Suddenly Belle comes in, telling him what she was told. He looks shocked and confused, especially since she is real and alive. He cries, hugging her tightly, saying that he will protect her. Belle doesn’t know who he is, but he tells her she will.

Regina cries into Dr. Whales chest as Emma holds Henry’s hand and cries. She tells him she loves him and kisses his forehead, which brings a shudder of magic and he wakes up. He tells her he loves her too. Regina, looking surprised says “You did it!” The town is suddenly hit with the magic as well, stopping David right as he hits the Storybrooke line. Regina looks around, seeing that the curse is completely broken. The nun tells her that she might want to find someplace to hide. Before she leaves, Regina tells Henry that she loves him. David makes his way back to town where Mary is and calls Mary Snow, and she calls him Charming. They meet in the middle of the town. She says “You found me!” to which he replies, “Did you ever doubt I would?” They kiss. Meanwhile, Regina cries in Henry’s pillow at home.

Mr. Gold takes Belle into the forest, where she calls him Rumplestiltskin. She tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her too, but there is something they have to do first. They go to the wishing well. The Well gives power to return that which one has lost. Mr. Gold drops the bottle of True Love into the well, causing a purple smoke to come from it, flooding the forest.

Emma asks Henry why didn’t they go back after the curse was broken. But before any real answer is given, everyone looks outside to the purple smoke. Henry says it is something bad. Rumplestitlskin says “Magic is coming.” When she asks why, he tells her “Magic is power.” Regina smiles as the town is hit with the purple smoke. The clock moves one minute.

So this season was ended on a cliffhanger. What do you think the purple smoke brings? I think we’re about to see magic unleashed into Real Time, eliminating Story Time. Regina smiles because her power is about to return to her, and not her manipulation that she’s been doing all season. I was pretty excited to see Jefferson back in the picture, so that the Mad Hatter episode wasn’t a complete waste of time!

So do you think you will tune in for Season 2? What did you think of Season 1?

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