Rebellion has just announced that their first feature film will be based on the post-apocalyptic thriller ‘School’s Out Forever.’ The movie will be shot in the new studio space near Oxford, England and will be filmed before the new ‘Judge Dredd’ project and Duncan Jones‘ ‘Rogue Trooper‘ movie.


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For those unfamiliar with ‘School’s Out Forever,’ it is one of the stories in Rebellion’s Afterblight Chronicles, a series with a shared world that has multiple authors fleshing it out.

In the book, we follow “a 15-year-old who flees to his school as a safe haven after an apocalyptic event wipes out most of the world’s population.”

According to Ben Smith, Rebellion’s head of film, TV, and publishing:

“It’s a great hook – what happens if the world is ending and your only option is to go back to school. The film is the first part of our wider move into physical production and a significant first building block.”

‘School’s Out Forever’ is being developed by Emma Biggins and Oliver Milburn who are serving as the writers, producers, and directors of the film and they’ll have a budget of roughly $1.25 million to play with to bring their vision to life.

Smith went on to share their plans for the film which the studio is fully funding internally:

“The idea is we’ll make it and then take it to market and look for the right distributors and platforms for it to go out on, and to get as wide a release as we can for it. This is the first in a slate of shared world [film and TV] projects we’re going to make ourselves.”

The imprint has two other shared universes as well including the zombie-infested world of “Tomes of the Dead” and the steampunk series “Pax Britannia.” This will give the studio plenty of other IP to mine outside of the video games.

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Source: Variety