duncan jones

While ‘Warcraft‘ met with mixed results, Duncan Jones (‘Mute‘,’Moon‘) is still one of the most interesting directors in science fiction these days and now is going to tackle a comic movie. While the director didn’t even give a hint as to which publisher it would be for, there are so many projects swirling in Hollywood that the guessing game would even take us out of both DC and Marvel territory.

Jones made the announcement on Twitter:

After the tweet, an extremely interesting response from another director that fans will recognize tweeted back:

Guess we’re going to have to wait for the second tease in anticipation, and hopefully, it’ll share at least which publisher or genre the comic falls in.

I will share that at one point he did list off 2 different 2000 AD comics which he’d want to tackle! It could be interesting to see if he ended up finding the rights to either ‘Rogue Trooper’ or ‘Slaine’ which would be a different direction than many might expect.

What comic film would you hope to see Duncan Jones tackle? Do you think he’ll be doing one of the big 2’s movies or will this be from another publisher? Would you be thrilled if he ended up making ‘Rogue Trooper’ or ‘Slaine’? Share your thoughts below!