A New Studio Has Been Created To Produce 'Judge Dredd' And 'Rogue Trooper' Films

The media company Rebellion has just purchased an old newspaper factory in England to be transformed into a movie studio complex. The studio owns 2000 AD which we know is looking to have multiple cinematic projects put into development and it will be from this studio where they end up seeing the light of day. Initially, the new complex will be used to create both the ‘Rogue Trooper‘ film which Duncan Jones (‘Warcraft’,’Mute’) is in the process of developing as well as the upcoming ‘Judge Dredd: Mega-City One‘ television series set in the Judge Dredd universe.

While the pilot script for ‘Mega-City One’ has been completed, we still aren’t sure if Karl Urban will be back to reprise his role as ‘Dredd‘ even though he has expressed quite a bit of interest in it.

This new site has a footprint of 220,000 sq ft and will feature six sound stages. The plan is to have it developed and ready to be used by the Spring of 2019. Previously in film, Rebellion founders Jason Kingsley and Chris Kingsley were producers on the 2012 cult classic ‘Dredd.’ In 2017 they decided to take matters into their own hands and setup Rebellion Productions to create both films and television shows that are to be inspired by the IP which they own. There is plenty of solid 2000 AD titles alone which could serve as inspiration for years to come.

On top of this, Rebellion also owns Abaddon Books, Ravenstone Press, and Solaris Books which gives them quite a few other opportunities as well. Abaddon already delivers us connected worlds which could easily spawn multiple ongoing films or shows that would work together while Solaris is known for both novels and anthologies in genre fiction.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Rebellion Productions is able to put together? Do you think that ‘Rogue Trooper’ or ‘Judge Dredd: Mega-City One’ will have more of a chance to resonate with audiences? What other 2000 AD titles do you hope the studio plans to tackle down the line? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline Hollywood