Last week Duncan Jones hinted that he was going to be working on a comic book adaptation without sharing which one and has now revealed we can expect him to be tackling ‘Rogue Trooper.’ This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for fans of the director as about five months ago the famed director very vocally stated that he would love to tackle either this film or ‘Slaine.’

This might not be the direction that casual moviegoers would expect the director to tackle as everyone is interested in working with Marvel Studios or Warner Bros. for DC these days. However, Jones has had his best work demonstrated when working with his own creations so tackling a lesser known property might be a better fit for his directing style. ‘Moon‘ and ‘Mute‘ were fantastic, but it is pretty obvious what the majority have thought of ‘Warcraft.’

A side note that could play into this is if 2000 AD has the full rights to all of their characters, we could always potentially see the character pop up in the upcoming ‘Dredd’ series though that is more wishful thinking than anything else.

While fans of the look of ‘Warcraft’ might have been interested in another fantasy story, it looks like we’ll be getting a genetically altered super soldier instead.

Here is how Jones shared the news:

If you’re unfamiliar with the comic, that is pretty much the hairstyle that you’ll be getting used to pretty quickly. Also, if you’re wondering what it is about, the book was created in 1981 by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons. It is set to follow a blue-skinned genetically created soldier who is working with three fellow soldiers to track down the Traitor General.

It isn’t clear if this will be following the original character of the rebooted version which ran until 1996. It should be noted that the original returned in 1999 and has been the ongoing character since that time.

The director is also reporting that more news is on the horizon tonight but it isn’t clear if that will be related to ‘Rogue Trooper’ or something else entire:

Are you excited to see a live-action take on ‘Rogue Trooper’? Do you think that we’re going to be in for something