'The Tick' Has Failed To Find A New Outlet After Being Cancelled By Amazon

It looks like cancellation was one opponent that ‘The Tick’ wasn’t nigh-invulnerable enough to conquer.  The superhero satire was axed in mid-April by Amazon, after two seasons, but at that time, star Griffin Newman shared that the series wasl “very much still alive” and that Ben Edlund who not only created this series but the comic books upon which it was based, was actively shopping ‘The Tick’ around in hopes of finding another outlet.

Sadly, Edlund has taken to Twitter to share that there have been no takers on renewing ‘The Tick’ for additional seasons.


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As Edlund wrote:



Following Edlund’s tweets, Newman responded:

Newman co-starred as The Tick’s sidekick Arthur, with Peter Serafinowicz portraying the titular superhero.  Valorie Curry portrayed Arthur’s sister Dot Everest.  ‘The Tick’ also starred Brendan Hines as Superion, Yara Martinez as Miss Lint/Janet/Joan of Arc, Scott Speiser as Overkill/Esteban, and Jackie Earle Haley as The Terror.

This incarnation of ‘The Tick’ fared better than an earlier attempt to adapt the comics to a live-action series in 2001.  That series only lasted one season on FOX.

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