We all know Jason Stackhouse to be a loveable naive man-whore on ‘True Blood’ (who could forget him dancing for V for LaFayette’s webshow?), but this season he’s really been hit where it hurts between Crystal, Hotshot and his current affections with Jessica and how things conflict with Hoyt. In a recent interview with Moviefone, actor Ryan Kwanten discussed how Season 4 should not be where a new Trubie should start, and how the evolution of Jason began.

“If you would have started ‘True Blood’ with this season — say this season was the first one — I don’t know if it would have impacted in the same way. I fell like they’re doing what they’re doing with ‘True Blood’ right now because you are absorbed in that world. You know that world and you know the characters. You can go with it, however wacky, wild and madcap those journeys are. You can suspend disbelief. But it’s been a great season. I love seeing Jason broken down almost to the point where he is fighting for his life. I think it’s in those little moments of pressure where you really see who a person is. And I think this was Jason’s chance to really man up and to sort of grow up. He started so low on the evolutionary totem pole that it was time that he did man up.”

When asked about what his favorite Jason storyline is, he responded with “I honestly could not pinpoint one. I know that’s a safe answer, but the amount of things that the writers have given me to play with — it’s like looking at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I just wouldn’t be able to know which one to pick.”

But, don’t be fooled Trubie’s, Ryan is actually Australian, and if you approach him on the street and hear his natural accent, try not to swoon too much. Although he does take it as a compliment. “Yeah, there is probably not a day that goes by where I don’t get, you know, a fan stopping me on the street and asking for an autograph. And then they hear my natural Australian accent. Not only are they confused, but some of them are even convinced that I’m putting the accent on in preparation for another role. I take it as a compliment that I could have fooled them into thinking that I am from the South or I am that character. That is sort of what you hope for.” As long as you don’t confuse him as a man-whore, anyway.

To see his full interview you can go to Moviefone.