Valorie Curry

One would imagine that being a superhero isn’t the easiest lifestyle, but can you imagine being the sibling to one? Amazon and Ben Edlund’s ‘The Tick’ tells the story of a large blue titular superhero The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) and his partner in justice Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman), but it also tells the story of the people in their lives. One of the shows most relatable characters is Arthur’s sister, Dot Everest, who has to do her best to keep Arthur’s life in check prior to his becoming a superhero; and even for a while after he first dons his Moth-Suit. Both Dot and Arthur have spent the majority of their lives dealing with the tragic loss of their parents at a young age, so when Arthur suddenly becomes a superhero both of their lives are suddenly upturned into a crazy new world! It’s up to Dot to keep it together and make sure Arthur doesn’t get in too over his head, and to ensure that she doesn’t end up in too deep herself!

We recently spoke with actress Valorie Curry, who plays Dot Everest on ‘The Tick’, at New York Comic Con 2018! We talk with Valorie about her time working on the show, where we can expect to see Dot in Season Two after her adventures in Season One, and just what fans can expect to see from the upcoming new Season of the hit show! Check out our full interview with Valorie Curry from ‘The Tick’ from New York Comic Con 2018 below!


Amazon and Ben Edlund’s ‘The Tick’ Season 1 is available for streaming now exclusively on Amazon Prime! ‘The Tick’ Season 2 is set to launch sometime in early 2019! Be sure to stay tuned to for all of the latest new on Amazon and Ben Edlund’s ‘The Tick!