Alita: Battle Angel

When James Cameron gets involved in something no one can say he doesn’t end up as fully committed. The famed director and producer was so involved with the concept behind ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ that he sent over 600-pages of notes to director Robert Rodriguez and included within them was a trilogy concept. While it is too early to know if we’ll be getting three tales to this story, it sounds like Cameron wanted the groundwork laid out for more stories in this dystopian future just in case.

In fact, the director shared that some of the casting, such as that of Nova was “really for the setup of a sequel.” Not only that, but there was another character who was cut from the script because Rodriguez “figured we should save him for a sequel.”


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As to how far into development the sequel is, Cameron seemed to have plenty of ideas when the first movie was being developed as he told Rodriguez that he wouldn’t send over 1,000 pages of notes but instead would send over “like 600.” While one might think of this as a joke, that was how many pages did happen to come in.

“There’s like one whole document about the trilogy. Because that’s just part of his process. ‘Here are three movies. Just so you know what to include in the first story and whatnot.’ “

The film pulled in over $404 million at the global box office with a production budget of $170 million. We haven’t heard any confirmations that a sequel will go into development, but fans will likely be hoping for more.

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Source: Digital Spy