By this point, we’ve seen plenty of images of Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, one of the new recruits picked up in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’  In both photos and production artwork, Scarlet Witch is shown wearing the outfit you see above, which is essentially street clothes accented with an eye-catching crimson jacket.  Her brother Pietro a.k.a. Quicksilver, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is similarly wearing what looks like athletic gear that can be bought off the rack at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but at least the lycra/spandex gives him a slightly more super heroic appearance.

But wait!  It looks like at some point during the movie, after becoming a full-fledged Avenger, Olsen gets a more super outfit, which you can see below:

Yeah, it’s blurry and you can only see the top part, but it looks remarkably like the costume Wanda has been sporting in more recent comics.

Her trademark headdress is gone, but then again, it doesn’t really serve a purpose and would probably not work in live action.  This costume is, of course a more modest and functional look from her typical one-piece bathing suit ensemble, which most people immediately think of when they picture the Scarlet Witch.

Not that this costume would work at all in live action at all!

Not exactly earth-shattering, but what do you think of Emily Olsen’s Scarlet Witch getting a more super costume?  Better than the slightly goth civilian garb previously shown?  Does this mean Quicksilver is also getting an upgrade?  Hmmmm….

Is this change for the better, or would you have preferred something most like the classic costume?

Source: Comic Book Movie