Kevin Bacon in Tremors

Last year, there was hope that Syfy would order a series based on the 1990 cult classic ‘Tremors’, but after viewing the pilot, the network passed, even though original star Kevin Bacon was back in the role of Valentine McKee.  And though the project is dead, the show’s creator and producer Andrew Miller was on hand at the ATX Television Festival, where he presented clips from the pilot and the cast, including Bacon, P.J. Byrne, Toks Olagundoye, Haley Tju, and Emily Tremaine, performed a reading of the script.


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Said Bacon about returning for the role:

“It’s pretty much the only character I’d ever played in a movie that I ever thought, ‘This would be a fun guy to check out 25 years later,’ just because he was a mess. Finding out what had happened to him post worms would be an interesting journey.”

‘Tremors’ spawned by four direct-to-video sequels, a prequel, and a TV series that lasted one season.  Bacon did not appear in any.

Miller divulged:

“[The first season’] would take place ever 72 hours… the idea was to extend the mystery and chase after the monsters both above and below the ground.


“The idea was that there’s this incredible character who was a nobody in this tiny town, and the idea seemed so fun to thrust him on the national stage, to make this Kevin Bacon character a ’90s heartthrob, and then take it away.  The notion was, ‘What if Perfection was the hottest town in the world for a minute, and then the Graboids don’t come back.’ Val was someone who still imagined himself as that ’90s superstar, even though those days are long gone. We wanted to explore that through his relationship with his daughter, who resented him for not paying attention to the present and for being a drunk and lost in the past.”

The series would not have acknowledged the events of the sequels, etc.  Specifically, that meant that Michael Gross’ Burt Gummer, who headlined most of those projects would not appear.


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Miller explained:

“[We] wanted to make something that felt like it was directly from the first movie without getting into the sequels.  At least, for the time being, we wanted to leave those characters behind and grow up some of the characters [from the first film].”

The pilot was actually released online, and you can watch it here.  Before Syfy’s involvement, ‘Tremors’ was developed for Amazon, who passed after reading the script.  For now, Miller admits the series is dead.

In the meantime, Gross is moving forward with another direct-to-video sequel.


Source: IndieWire