DC Universe has decided to drain the swamp and cancel ‘Swamp Thing,’ their newest addition to the streaming service, after only 1 episode and many fans are wondering why. News of the cancellation came as a surprise as the pilot episode was widely positive among fans, but the writing was on the wall considering last month it was reported that the production had shut down and that the series episode number was cut down to 10 from the original 13 much to the dissatisfaction of some of its stars.


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As to why the series was cancelled, several sources are stating “creative differences” are involved with this decision with one side pushing for more horror and the other pushing for a weekly procedural tone with the latter being the reason Len Wiseman was hired to direct. So far no one in either camp has verified this.

Another reason could be a budgetary one due to N. Carolina’s Department of Commerce miscommunicating to the State Capital about how much was actually in their film funding budget. Because of this, no additional money was approved by the State to go into that funding for the next fiscal year resulting in a loss of $31 million dollars that could have been used towards grants given to projects that film in the state. According to Star News Online, “eligible film projects are able to receive grant money only after production is completed.” ‘Swamp Thing’ had reportedly applied for a $20 million grant for their show but because of funding shortage, they will only receive $12 million. That’s a lot of lost money that the studio was expecting to use for expenses and may have also been a driving decision as to why they cut the number of episodes down.


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The final reported reason for the cancellation (and the one that seems the most compelling) is the fact that WarnerMedia is readying their own streaming service (like we need another one?) and is not keen on having two streaming services under their banner. Their service would also feature scripted originals as well as content from TNT, TBS, HBO, and Warner Bros TV (hence why ‘Batwoman’ will not be going to Netflix like the other Arrowverse shows). Right now, it is unclear what WarnerMedia will do with DC Universe. Will they close the streaming service and incorporate it into their own? Will they fold the streaming service into their own and charge an added fee on top of the base fee for subscribers to access it? What about the massive comic library that DC Universe offers? How will WarnerMedia handle that? A lot of questions and uncertainty of the future of DC Universe will soon be decided as WarnerMedia plans to roll out their streaming service towards the end of the year.

For now, DC Universe is conducting business as usual. They have just expanded to be available on Xbox One and is in the midst of production with their animated ‘Harley Quinn’ series, Season 2 of ‘Titans’ and Season 1 of ‘Stargirl.’

So while ‘Swamp Thing’ has been officially cancelled, you can still enjoy the rest of the series (9 more episodes to go) as DC Universe has decided to still stream the entire 10 episode season with a new episode every Friday through the series finale on August 2.