From friendships to innocence to people, this season has truly been one of loss. With the tragic death of Hale just a week behind us we enter into this episode of ‘Lost Girl’ with still damp eyes. As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature audiences, reader discretion is advised… or not.

We open with a memorial service for our fallen siren. Dyson is delivering a heartfelt eulogy and our hearts continue breaking every time the camera pans to a grief stricken Kenzi. (While I always felt the relationship and chemistry between Hale and Kenzi played out about as well as that of Anakin and Padme on screen, Ksenia Solo really does a great job of selling this moment and making us feel for Kenzi.)

After the funeral service, Bo and Kenzi are having a moment when a knight bursts through the underbrush and declares her fealty to her Queen. She is from the Order of Rainer and she is Bo’s. Cue the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo and we are on our way.

At the bar Dyson is comforting Kenzi while the knight explains who she is to Bo and Tamsin. She talks about a prophecy which states that after the death of the Una Mens a Per Apice will rise and seek out Bo. Bo couldn’t care less. Her family is hurting and that is her focus. Kenzi wants the Druid dead and Bo is more than happy to oblige.

Cut to the aforementioned Massimo who is toiling over some concoction when Bo, Dyson, and a pissed off Kenzi enter his sanctum. Massimo tells the three about yet another prophecy, one involving Rainer. Apparently he is cursed to die within seven days unless the curse is broken. Nobody cares until Massimo whispers something in Dyson’s ear which causes the wolf to stay what should have been a very satisfying execution of a truly evil piece of filth. Dyson has to take him to see Trick. This does not sit well with the others. Bo is reluctant but trusts Dyson’s judgment. Kenzi is beyond hurt. She walks out, but not before telling Bo off. She betrayed her. Dyson betrayed her. Kenzi is not a happy human.

Lauren is doing some old fashioned research in a Dark Fae archive. This whole Rainer thing is looking pretty ominous, all horns and betrayal, when the Morrigan enters talking to someone off screen. She is fearful of her life and declares that the Succubus must die. Lauren is not on board with that idea and sneaks off. It is revealed that Evony is talking to Trick. An unholy alliance is in the making.

Back at the Dal, Tamsin and Bo meet up with Rainer and the knight, Rosette. Tamsin confirms the curse and the fact Rainer has been there for six days already. They have a day to lift the curse before Rainer dies horribly. Apparently that would be a bad thing, shrug. Bo is the key, as only the blood of his enemy can break the curse. Since Trick is the one who cursed him his granddaughter will do. They need to find something that Rainer and Bo shared.

Bo, Rainer, and Rosette think the Wanderer tarot card is the key. Bo sets it on fire and MMXV appears. What could it mean? Lauren walks in and says it might be cartography coordinates. Her and Bo need to have a confab. Lauren shows Bo a book. The Wanderer pictured is all fangy and not the same guy in the next room. Lauren talks about the prophecy and how annoying it is that everything about Rainer is still being written back into history. Bo doesn’t really want to hear it. She’s still upset with Lauren. Lauren lets her know that everything she’s done has been for her. They have a heated moment which is broken up by Rainer.

Cut to the Morrigan’s home and a scantily clad Lauren waiting in bed with champagne. She says she wants to join the Dark. She has nowhere else to go. Everyone knows she’s just trying to manipulate Evony but hey, that’s what the Dark do. It’s sexy time!

Bo, Rainer, and Rosette arrive at a spiritual center for women. It’s some kind of horse cult thing. They find out that the Per Apice is Bo’s father.

Kenzi is at the Dal. She’s called in Vex. Kenzi wants revenge and wants Vex to help her kill Massimo. The two head out to kill themselves a Druid.

At home Bo, Rosette, and Rainer are talking about her father. Here is the conundrum of the day. If Bo and Rainer are aligned, her father the Per Apice, will be released. If they are not aligned then Rainer will die.

Vex and Kenzi are confronting Massimo in his lair. Kenzi is out for blood but Vex stops her before she can do any real damage. Seems Vex took a blood oath to watch over Massimo and can’t bring himself to break it. He reluctantly helps the Druid escape and Kenzi is denied her vengeance yet again.

Back at the Morrigan’s, sexy time is over. Evony is not feeling like herself. She is sweating, and not just because of the sexy time. Lauren informs her that she has been transformed. She is now 100% human. What the what? Lauren is using her as a guinea pig.

At the Dal we have a moment between Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin. More history is being written back into the world and we see a crest belonging to the Knights of Rainer. It’s looking like they think Bo is more than just their queen. She might be the Queen. The One. Which I guess is a big deal.

Vex comes to take Massimo to England, but he doesn’t want to leave. He is summoned by Evony who wants a cure. Evony rifles through his bag tossing everything around the room. She apparently doesn’t notice that Massimo brought a familiar box with him. That’s right, Massimo has the last Seed! But that moment is quickly overshadowed when Massimo calls her mother, something which a returning Lauren overhears.

We shoot on over to a creepy gathering of horse worshipers. Bo, Rainer, and Rosette are quickly spotted and confronted by Sister Epona. She is all about calling Bo the betrayer and otherwise telling her she is messing with destiny. Rosette draws and clashes steel with Epona while Bo and Rainer look for an object of power, which they find inside a horse statue. It’s a fancy hand fastener used in rituals, like marriage.

Back to a very sad little Kenzi alone at home. Bo enters and they have a brief talk. Kenzi feels she doesn’t belong and wants to leave. All these prophecies talk about Bo, Dyson, Tamsin, Lauren, etc. but never mention her. She’s grief stricken and feeling useless to boot. She asks Bo to unclaim her so she can leave. Rosette interrupts and says Rainer doesn’t have much time. Kenzi demands Bo unclaim her and the Succubus reluctantly does just that. Kenzi storms off and Bo writes something on a post-it note for Rainer.

Massimo is freaking out. He wants his mother’s love, and not to be called a monster, and demands Lauren’s help. She refuses. Massimo takes out the Origin Seed and eats it. He believes it will give him the combined power of all the Una Mens. It seems to give him cramps and he falls to the floor. Lauren is horrified, most likely because she has read up on the topic and understands what is coming next.

It’s beautiful night for a wedding. Bo agrees to unite with Rainer, not out of love but because she can save his life and confront her father on her own terms. Events around Bo are spiraling out of control, but she can control this moment. She wants to do what is right for her family. Is Bo having her first altruistic moment of the season? Their hands are bound and two become as one. Throw the rice!

Surprise, Rosette is working for the enemy. His sole purpose was to ensure the prophecy came to pass with the joining of Bo and Rainer. Her loyalty is rewarded with immolation and a tomb under the earth explodes. Something or someone has been released. Dun dun dunnnn.