Matthew Vaughn Shares What His DCEU 'Superman' Movies Could Have Been Like

Arguably, one of the earliest missteps of the DCEU was the handling one of the signature DC characters, Superman, in ‘Man of Steel.‘ To be fair, I do not actually think ‘Man of Steel’ is the worst of the DCEU movies (aside from that exceptionally long and violent ending and nonsensical killing of Zod moment), and it has a pretty epic score by Hans Zimmer. But once upon a time, Warner Bros had considered comic book fan-favorite director Matthew Vaughn to helm a trilogy of Superman films, and even when they went in the direction of ‘Man of Steel,’ they still kept him in mind for a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel due to his desire to work on a ‘Superman’ movie and many ideas for the character.

Sadly, the timing did not seem to work out, and ‘Batman V Superman‘ happened and they killed the character instead, following that up with resurrecting him just in time for a metaphorical death in ‘Justice League,’ where the hopes for the DCEU’s biggest heroes (Batman and Superman) were both crushed by a poorly written, directed, and put together movie, and we have not seen either since (not counting the ‘Shazam‘ cameo as we did not see Superman’s head).

But what would it have been like if Vaughn had done his ‘Superman’ films? While speaking to Polygon recently, the article claims:

“Vaughn revealed that the first film in the proposed trilogy was meant to take place almost entirely on Krypton, and focus on Jor-El and the impending explosion of Krypton. Though the alien planet would still face destruction, Vaughn and Millar’s take would have the event take place much later in the timeline, allowing Superman to grow up on his home planet and gradually become familiar with Earth, maturing into an adult before having to reckon with his loyalty to both planets.”

Sure, it would have been a pretty drastic change to the story to have Superman grow up on Krypton, but at least it would have been something interesting, and it would not have altered the core essence of Superman and who he is like (unlike say, having him murder the first major villain he ever faced, which is exactly what happened in ‘Man of Steel’). Vaughn has a pretty decent track record with these types of movies as well, so even with some tweaks I’m sure it would have been better than what we got. So I guess yet again we have no one to blame but Warner Bros for making the choices they did on the direction of the DCEU and who they decided to put in charge.

Would you have been on board for Vaughn’s ‘Superman’ trilogy and some of his changes? Or would you have wanted a more traditional approach to ‘Superman’ still? Feel free to share your thoughts below!


Source: /film