batman v superman

Folks, it’s a RiffTrax of Batman v Superman! Honestly, this is everything that you’ve needed in your life if the DCEU hasn’t done you justice so far. If it has done you justice and you need more Martha jokes than you can shake a stick at, then this will brighten your day as well! According to the creators and to clarify any misconceptions, this is “specifically Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, not one of the several other Batman v. Superman movies out there.”

So what can we expect?

As you may have heard/seen/wept, this movie is catastrophically bad. From Ben Affleck’s “tired heartburn sufferer” take on Batman to Jesse Eisenberg’s Jolly Rancher poppin’ millennial caricaturin’ Lex Luthor to SO MUCH MORE BAD STUFF, we realized we couldn’t do it alone.

They assembled a full team of Avengers voice talent to tackle this one which includes:

  • Mary Jo Pehl v. Bridget Nelson!
  • Frank Conniff v. Trace Beaulieu!
  • Janet Varney v. Cole Stratton!
  • Matthew Elliott v. Ian Potter!
  • And, in their riffing debut, Rifftrax Writer/Producers Conor Lastowka v. Sean Thomason!

You can check out the trailer for this amazing piece of work that you know will have you dying from laughter below!


Honestly, I could barely get through this trailer as it was a non-stop laugh fest. Of course, not being overly thrilled by the movie outside of Wonder Woman and being in the minority of those who liked Batfleck this was an easy win for me to get enjoyment out of.

If you want, you can also check out  the “join the team, call your mom Martha, no matter what her real name might be, and let’s take on Batman v. Superman together!” video over at!

Do you feel that this trailer gives a proper Rifftrax introduction to ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’? Will the entire show be worth checking out or do you feel that these have to be the highlights? Share your thoughts below!