The four main houses of Syfy’s upcoming ‘Krypton’ are featured in new character posters from the show. In each shot, a focus on the house, the house’s sigil, and the main character representing them are shown in glorious detail. Fans of Superman’s homeworld and the story leading up to his birth are going to be thrilled at another look into the show.

If the show gets to run the planned seven to eight years it is likely we’ll be getting to know each of these characters quite well.

First up is of course Superman’s grandfather himself. Yes, we’ve got another shot of Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El who is the main character.


The next poster features Wallis Day who plays Nyssa Vex of the House of Vex. According to Day, “Nyssa is a new character. She’s not in any of the comics. She’s fierce; she’s independent, she’s very decisive, which might come across as power hungry, or bossy. But it’s not, she’s just an independent and quite fierce woman.”


Third, we have Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em, who is part of the House of Em. The character has ranged from being part of the military, a hero, a terrorist, and helped General Zod attack Earth. It is unclear where Dev stands in the series so far.


Finally, we’ll all kneel before the House of Zod as Georgina Campbell shows off another look of her role as Lyta Zod. While she’ll one day be known as General Dru-Zod at this time she is just “a young woman struggling for her mother’s approval.”

It is an excellent looking cast but still too little has been seen of the show to get a feel for how it’ll play out longterm.

Are you excited about the upcoming release of Syfy’s ‘Krypton’? Which of these great houses are you most interested in seeing more of? Share your thoughts below!